Meet the H.E.Ai.D.

The H.E.Ai.D. is a large scale, interactive, collaborative installation where people dance with lasers and based on their movements create music together.

H.E.Ai.D. installation

The H.E.Ai.D. — short for H.uman E.nergized Artifical i.ntelligence D.evice — explores the idea that as we integrate technology into our collaborations, we create emergent experiences that exceed the capacities of our individual technological and biological parts.

Playing with th H.E.Ai.D. is a whole lot of fun! If you are interested in having a H.E.Ai.D. installation at your event, please email shellyhivemind <at>

See a short video of the H.E.Ai.D. as an art installation at the “Winter Lights” art show in January 2010:

H.E.Ai.D. from Shelly Farnham on Vimeo.

Or see a short video of the H.E.Ai.D. at Burning Man 2009: